Accessories for children’s bike

In addition to a safety helmet, reflectors and gloves, a young cyclist will need one more important item. Which? Choose an accessory from the list below.

A bicycle is a unique means of transportation without age restrictions and additional costs for gasoline. If you suddenly notice that the child refuses to ride it, most likely the problem lies in boredom. Accessories for children’s bikes easily transform transport literally beyond recognition! And the transformation pushes you to use it, because you really want to brag to your friends)


It will be a great addition for those who like to travel, toys, sandwiches and even small purchases will fit in the basket. Light, roomy and stylish – the dream of every fashionista.

Bicycle bag

Sold in two versions – for the trunk and frame. The bag for the frame is not very roomy and convenient, but the bag for the trunk will fit both your favorite doll and a large dump truck.

Klaxon or bell

The horn and bell are not just a necessary accessory, they are a fashionable detail that will help you stand out from the crowd. Special thanks to the manufacturers for the huge choice in shape, color and sound.


Another important accessory for children’s bikes is on the market in a variety of colors and shapes.


Multi-colored plastic beads can be attached to the knitting needles even by a baby. In addition to their distinctive beauty, they make a special sound while moving, attracting the attention of others. An alternative to beads is butterflies and flowers for knitting needles.

Luminous cap on the nipple

The most fashionable accessory for a children’s bike , it will be replaced by neon sticks that are attached to the spokes of the wheel with adhesive tape. The difference between the sticks and the cap is the short glow time.


There is probably no better way to personalize a kids bike than with stickers. Original jewelry sold separately for boys and girls. There are options that reflect light, thereby increasing the safety of the young driver.

Handlebar bottle holder

Bottle cages are often mounted on the frame, but this option will be inconvenient. In addition to the practical purpose, the bottle holder can be turned into a vase holder if the vehicle is used by a girl.

Do you know other ways to decorate a children’s bike? Share in the comments!