5 ways to distract your child from the tablet

New technologies do not give us rest – in the literal sense of the word. Calling, writing, finding an answer – all this has become commonplace. We no longer have to stand in line or consult our neighbors. But unfortunately, thanks to them, children constantly spend time on their phones. They don’t even know what they’re missing out on. How to captivate a child with the real world?

1. Dream come true

What is your child dreaming of? Ant farm, dog, bird, trip. The child will definitely be distracted when he receives the desired gift. If he dreams of a new gadget, offer him a useful replacement – a mini speaker for music, a smart watch, an electric scooter. The best animal gift will be a puppy that will take the whole family with its funny behavior.

2. Geocaching game

This is a kind of search for a treasure left in different parts of the city by the participants in the game. Children hide discount cards, coins, Kinder toys and other interesting things in hiding places. Location data is posted on the game website.

3. Give back to sports

Sports require a lot of time and are not only for physical development. New acquaintances, communication with successful peers and tempering of character will undoubtedly come in handy in life. Athletes simply have no time to spend valuable minutes on the Internet.

4. Drawing

Many children are addicted to creating their own comics. If a child can draw at least a little, there is a good chance that in a few years the world will see new Gravity Falls stories.🙂

5. Communication

Try to communicate with your friends and acquaintances as much as possible. Especially with those who have children. It is advisable to meet them in the fresh air, where there is a lot of room for creative games – inflating soap bubbles, launching a drone, training a dog and just catching up.