5 myths about child car seats

Incorrect information hinders the correct selection of the child car seat and its safe use. The situation is complicated by popular myths associated with the correct attitude and prejudice.

1. The child will not like the view from the rear window

A toddler traveling in the correct position (seat mounted with the back facing the driver) does not know that there is another position. If a child is naughty, this does not mean that he wants to sit like adults, the reason rather lies in an uncomfortable position, hunger or fatigue.

2. The car seat installed in the front seat is also safe

During a head-on collision at a speed of 50 km / h, the pressure force on the neck muscles reaches 200 kg. The head of a crumb up to two years old is disproportionately large in relation to the body, and the muscles are not strong enough to prevent a spinal fracture.

In the back seat, provided that the seat is properly installed, the impact force is distributed over the entire back, protecting against serious injury.

3. A child sitting with his back to the driver does not see natural beauties

The child observes nature in the rear and front windows. In addition, he can see adults if you install a small mirror.

4. Not Enough Legroom

Children usually have no problems with this – there is enough space to freely stretch, cross and bend the legs. If you are afraid that the child will stain the upholstery, protect it with a cloth.

5. All chairs are the same, manufacturers and crash tests do not matter.

Have! Crash tests are carried out every year and only the best car seats receive a rating of “five”, but this fact does not guarantee complete safety. If you buy a chair of an unknown brand, which may not have passed the quality check, the risk of non-life-threatening injuries is very high.

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